by Gentleman Clef | IT'S ALL ABOUT BALANCE


Frustration was growing inside of him…

Faded ballroom, dancing without passion,

turned off the light of that violin they were following with no heart

He knew that his soul was in a cage… where was the silence taking him to?

He knew that his voice was not worth a thing… what was the silence doing to him?

So, get up and use it

Seventh grade, bully team… ego party on the screen…

the stupid face of arrogance… swallow this voice!

The quiet room, all-eyes-on shoes and no one dares to tell the truth…

the echo wanting conversation

The moment to declare your love, train is leaving, final call

and then end up saying things to yourself

Four eyes praying for those words never got to be pronounced

You know that, that’s a loss

‘Hala la yah’

We shouldn’t need a grave to speak our real words

We shouldn’t wait at all

Get up and use it

May be silence is a gift to apathy and turn the page of your story before you really know it

How many times have you wished time travel was for real?

How many times do you fail yourself?

I’m sorry “prudence” we are closed, knock on someone else’s door

I´m so tired of being the one giving chances all the time, overthinking to understand

I´m sorry, not sorry: here is my point!